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"I wish I had this guide when I first started in the industry! Absolutely gripping – covering EVERYTHING you need to profit from self-publishing! Don’t think about buying this book. Just BUY IT!"
- -- Nick Daws
, Best-Selling Author of "Write ANY Book in 28 Days"#10;-

"Here’s How to Enjoy the FAME of a PUBLISHED AUTHOR
- And RAKE IN a Fantastic 30% MINIMUM Royalty Rate - WITHOUT Your Book Being Cut to SHREDS By An Editor!!"

Dear Friend

How would YOU like to see your manuscript available in bookstores...


Getting into print is every writer’s dream. But the unfortunate truth is that getting published is TOUGH.

The publishing houses are slow and cumbersome. They use cheap editors only interested in ripping your manuscript to shreds (because they know best!). And the publisher ALWAYS take the lion’s share of profits – you end up with a measly few percent, AT BEST!

But MOST IMPORTANTLY – publishing houses do NOT spot best-sellers!

There are literally hundreds of amazing manuscripts that go ignored each and every month (think Harry Potter!). And ALL because the person opening the mail didn’t have the sense to REALIZE the genius behind your work.

However that's ALL changing...



Discover the BIG NAMES Using Self-Publishing TODAY
- And How To Copy Their TRICKS & Earn THOUSANDS!

In today’s fast-paced publishing world, many writers are DITCHING regular publishing houses for the SELF-PUBLISHING route.

With self-publishing, YOU commission a company to publish your books, typically "on-demand." No more desperate searches for an agent. No more sending out manuscripts. No more rejection slips.

Not only that, you get COMPLETE control over your book - and can wave goodbye to editors attacking your manuscript.

Best of all, you get to keep as much as 100% of the publishing profits!

Take Vicki Lansky for example.

She was rejected by over 40 publishers before she self-published “Feed Me I’m Yours”. The book has since sold over 2 million copies!

Or how about James Redfield, the man behind “The Celestine Prophecy”. He self-published the book - and later sold the rights to Warner Books for over $800,000. And it’s since been made into a movie!

Or consider H. Jackson Brown who self-published “Life’s Little Instruction Book”, which stayed at the top of the New York Times best-seller list for MONTHS – and sold over 5 million copies!

And there are THOUSANDS of other self-publishing success stories – including John Grisham, Deepak Chopra, Mark Twain, Richard Nixon and Beatrix Potter!

... BUT there are BIG PITFALLS you need to BEWARE of!

For example, do you know the THREE THINGS you absolutely MUST check for in your printing contract?

Get this WRONG and you might as well THROW AWAY your manuscript RIGHT NOW!

Also, do you know the RIGHT COMPANIES to use when self-publishing?

Some self-publishing companies have NO respect in the industry – use them, and and book reviewers WON'T EVEN TOUCH YOUR BOOK. Others have CLOSE links with ALL the online bookstores and will ship your book anywhere in the country within 24 hours.

WHICH companies offer the best rates?

And WHICH are simply there to CASH IN on your naivety?

You need a helping hand. And it comes in the form of a brand new book – from an author that REALLY KNOWS what's going on in the self-publishing industry...


Introducing Best-Selling Author CAROL ANNE STRANGE -
Here's Why You Absolutely MUST Read Her Latest Book Before Attempting ANY Form of Self-Publishing Venture!

For over twenty years, Carol Anne Strange has been one of the UK’s most prolific writers.

She’s the author of many books, from “52 Magical Ways of Enjoy Your Life” to “The Essential Guide to Martial Arts” - and is founder of popular online writing community

Carol is also officially one of the most popular mentors at the official Writer’s Bureau – and acts as lead screenplay consultant to major film company, Skylandian Pictures Limited.

In short – Carol KNOWS the writing industry.

And she wants to share her knowledge – WITH YOU.

Carol has spent the past few months compiling her grand expos´┐Żon the self-publishing world. She's combined her years of experience with the latest and greatest "secret techniques" straight from the hottest industry insiders.


"Self-Publishing Secrets" – the ULTIMATE guide for anyone looking to bypass the publisher race – and take CONTROL of their book’s fate!


Inside her exciting 140+ page guide, Carol shows you EVERYTHING you need to enjoy TOTAL SUCCESS with self-publishing, including:

The TOP 10 reasons for self-publishing – and why it beats the conventional publishing route
How to use self-publishing to ROCKET your career – become an instant guru and get booked at every speaking opportunity!
Exactly which books will SUCCEED in the self-publishing route – and which ideas you should throw out the window!
“Vanity publishers” – and why you absolutely MUST steer clear of them at ALL costs
The UNDERHAND TECHNIQUES for gaining TOP QUALITY CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS for your book – follow Carol’s advice for instant success!
How you can setup your OWN publishing label – in just MINUTES (This one will give you some REALLY exciting ideas!!)
The EASY WAY to get your book published on a shoestring – even down to designing your own front cover!
Why the BLURB will (or WON'T) sell your book! – and the secrets to making it snappier than ANY competitor!
The 10 SECRETS METHODS of gaining absolutely FREE publicity – follow this advice and you’ll have the press BEGGING for copies of your book!
How to arrange your own BOOK PARTY – where you should hold it, how long it should last and who you should invite!
HYPE – And how to use it to absolutely TURBO-CHARGE your book sales!
Create a media buzz with your own BOOK SIGNING TOUR – Carol has done it and shows YOU how!
Discover the ONE secret to keeping 100% of your books profits – and EXACTLY how to do it!
Using the power of the WEB to promote your book (This is NOT what you’d expect: some of Carol’s clever techniques will surprise you!)
Why LIBRARIES can be your best friend – use them to EARN money every time someone checks out your book!
How to SETUP your own PUBLISHING HOUSE – then SELL IT for HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS after a couple of years! (And YES, Carol’s done that too – you’ll read about her OWN publishing label!)


Remember, this information covers self-publishing the world over, including the US and UK. It even provides country-specific details, where required.

Carol literally shares EVERYTHING you need to know. Just follow the advice inside her guide – and YOU could be a PUBLISHED AUTHOR earning CASH ROYALTIES -- this time next month!

It really is THAT simple!


Ready to Discover Self-Publishing For Yourself?
Just Look At These AWESOME Testimonials For
Carol's Brand New Book... "Self-Publishing Secrets!"

It didn’t take long for Carol’s fan base to learn of her latest book.

Here are a handful of quotes from e-mail messages received during :

"Great book. I’ve long considered self-publishing. But I never realized it could REALLY be this profitable! Carol has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Fantastic, a truly inspiring read!"
-- Suzanne Harriss, 
Best-Selling Author of "Writer’s Wonderful Web"
"Carol Anne Strange is a genius, I love her work. Very easy-to-understand and cram-packed with information you REALLY need to know. Why aren’t all books on writing like this?"-- 
Yvonne Walker, Author "Bad State of Affairs", 
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
"I wish I had this guide when I first started in the industry! Absolutely gripping – covering EVERYTHING you need to profit from self-publishing! Don’t think about buying this book. Just BUY IT!" 
-- Nick Daws 
, Best-Selling Author of "Write ANY Book in 28 Days" 
"Your guidance has been invaluable, Carol. I’ve managed to a mark-up of at least 65% on every single book sold so far. Your Internet suggestions were fantastic – I have a REAL following now. I’m writing every day and LOVING it. You gave me my career!" 
-- Cynthia O’Donnell, 
London, NW7
"My new book ‘Death by Numbers’ is due to be released within a month. I used your comparison list to find the best publisher. You save me HOURS and I can’t recommend your book highly enough. Please add thison your testimonials page!!" 
-- Mark Compton, Author "The Silver Surfer’s Guide to Computers!", 
Millpond Lane, 
Washington, MI 48094
"I was once seriously burned by a vanity publisher. Never again! You’ve really helped clear the clouds in what can be an incredibly confusing world. Thank you to you and your support team!" 
-- Brian Shafer, 
Author “Once Smitten”, 
Bellville, South Africa
"This isn’t a problem or a question, please just pass on this message to Carol Anne Strange. I love the book and have already recommended it to all my friends at my San Fran writer’s circle! Brilliant!!"
"This isn’t a problem or a question, please just pass on this message to Carol Anne Strange. I love the book and have already recommended it to all my friends at my San Fran writer’s circle! Brilliant!!" 
-- Ricki Alton, 
Sansome Street, CA 94111

You Could Be Published By THIS TIME NEXT MONTH.
Tap Into Carol's 20 YEARS of Experience - And Discover
How YOU Can Achieve Success with Self-Publishing!

"So are you ready to take the leap to being a PAID and PUBLISHED author?"

Let Carol guide you through this potential minefield and lead you STRAIGHT to the profits. This time next month you could be PUBLISHED.

Just imagine being the industry guru. Imagine more speaking engagements, more business contracts, more respect, more MONEY – and a more fulfilling career!

Imagine the RECOGNITION – and eventually getting your book snatched up by a leading publishing label (this time offering BIG royalties!), or the movie rights being bought out by a large Hollywood film production group.

THESE are the exciting opportunities currently opening up to ALL of the smart writers currently making the move to self-publishing.

Just make sure you DO IT RIGHT – and you WILL, with advice from Carol Anne Strange, and “Self-Publishing Secrets!”.


Well, we’re buckling down on the cost. Because we’re distributing electronically as an interactive guide, we can really reduce our price. That means you can grab YOUR copy of the entire course for just $39.95.

That’s LESS than the price of a decent meal for two!

Ready to grab your copy? Just click on the big red button TODAY:

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But WAIT – it gets better.

We’re offering our FIRST 500 CUSTOMERS two FREE and EXCITING bonuses.

Alongside your copy of the book, you’ll also receive “The Self-Publishing Lowdown!” – Carol’s black book of the best and worst self-publishing companies around. You’ll read about the honest success stories and the hidden loopholes you MUST watch out for with each company.

It’s crammed full of real-life knowledge. This is information you CANNOT BUY – usually!

PLUS, we’re offering each customer a FREE inspirational bonus worth $50. It comes from a motivational speaker that is literally a household name. It’s a perfect example of self-publishing – and it’ll inspire you to GO FOR GOLD!

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If You're Not Thrilled, We'll Refund EVERY PENNY!

Carol’s book provides you with absolutely EVERYTHING you need begin you career as an author – by tapping into the power of self-publishing.

But WHY take our word for how GREAT this guide is?


We’re so absolutely CONVINCED you’ll love this guide – that we invite you to try it out, RISK-FREE, for a whole two weeks!

Just check out this absolute iron-glad guarantee:


Check Out Our 100% Iron-Cast GUARANTEE!

We promise you'll be ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC about Carol's new guide:
"Self-Publishing Secrets!"

That's why we're offering a NO STRINGS 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Try it out for a whole 14 days. Take your time and browse through
Carol's guide. If you're NOT absolutely POSITIVE her work
will literally CHANGE your LIFE – or you’re not 100% satisfied
for ANY reason – then just request a refund within that period.

NO questions asked. NO small print.
Just a SOLID 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Exsclusive Offer

And guess what? Even THAT’S not all.

Even if you decide to request a refund, you can STILL keep the bonus gifts
– as a special THANK YOU for your custom!

It doesn’t get ANY better than this. So grab your copy TODAY and begin your self-publishing revolution.

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Take advantage NOW. This could be your very last chance.


The publishing world is an incredibly tough nut to crack.

But the self-publishing world has opened opportunities to everyone – and allows fantastic writers, such as yourself, to get noticed – QUICKLY.

However it’s EASY to get burned by making the wrong decisions early on.

Don’t ruin your chances of ever making it as a BIG author.

Grab Carol’s guide and begin living the author’s life you’ve always dreamed of.

Click HERE to grab your copy of the guide!

Remember, this time next month you could be a PUBLISHED AUTHOR -- raking in the dollars!

Thank you for your time – and I’ll see you on Amazon!

Best wishes,

Trent Steele

Trent Steele, Site Manager, part of the Global Writing Network

PS. Can you imagine NEVER having to read another rejection slip again?
THAT’S the power that self-publishing brings to you. It’s an AMAZING feeling seeing your work in print.
So grab your copy of “Self-Publishing Secrets” TODAY!

PPS. I don’t usually share this sort of information, but I personally have TWO new books I’m about to self-publish following Carol’s recommendation. I’m using a FANTASTIC company I’d never even heard of before I read this guide. Find out the details for yourself – Click HERE to grab the guide!

PPPS. Remember, leave it too late and the guide will be right back up to $39.95 – and WITHOUT all of the free gifts. So make sure you purchase before the end of to take FULL advantage. Click HERE and begin your REAL writing career, TODAY!

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